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Germain is a young, self-taught entrepreneur who created his first digital consulting company in 2018. Very early on, he wanted to explore several companies and fields in order to sharpen his vision and validate his desires. From a very young age he has been attracted by the world of business, innovation and by the most successful entrepreneurs. At the age of 29, he has built up a very substantial network of experts at the national level and beyond the French-speaking borders. This network allows him to continue to develop his skills and to constantly refine his strategy. He willingly puts this network within the reach of people he trusts. He loves exploring new ideas, going to bed with one and exploring for days at a time to test its feasibility. He is known for his impressive adaptability, creativity and strategic ability.


Ongoing project - SaaS

2020 - Current

I'm in the development phase of a tech project. This project is very ambitious. I have surrounded myself with a team that shares my values and my ambition.​ More information soon

Philippe Lafaix - Partner

2018 - Current

I met Philippe through a friend. Right from the start, Philippe appeared to me as the Ace of Sales ! I offered him to collaborate, it's a done deal and I'm delighted ! He is now my mentor and teaches me a lot every day.​ Thanks.

Luc Julia'S meeting

January 2020

Luc is a very well known person in the tech world all over the world. I wanted to meet him to share our visions, understand his job and his past experiences. ​It was fabulous, invigorating, impressive !

Creation of companies


I created QareIT in July 2018 with an associate to offer companies a specific service of Assistance to Mastery of Age in computer science.


I have been creating Diferent in February 2020 in order to put my knowledge and my passions to good use:

    - Selling
    - Innovation


    - French
    - English
        - Private tutoring
        - Advanced Professional Skills




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